Advanced Practice Provider

Dr. Sophia da Silva-Oolup, HBSc.Kin, DC, FCCS (C)

Dr. Sophia da Silva-Oolup is an Advanced Practice Provider for the RAC Low Back program which is an OHIP covered program where family doctors and nurse practitioners refer low back pain patients for an assessment and recommendations for optimal care.

She provides assessments and recommendations for this program at the Kew Gardens Health Group Clinic.

When necessary, Dr. da Silva-Oolup makes recommendations for further investigations, such as blood tests, x-rays and/or advanced imaging (MRI, CT scan, etc.) or nerve conduction studies, although the majority of low back pain patients do not require further testing. Patients are then triaged for conservative care or referral for spinal surgery, rheumatology clinics, pain clinics or spinal injections.

All treatment recommendations include education, self-management techniques, ergonomic and biomechanical education, and a rehabilitation plan including exercises and recommendations for manual therapy and further management.

For more information, see the RAC Low Back website

*A referral is required for the RAC-Low Back Pain Program**

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