While running is accessible to everyone, running with good form is a skill that can be learned and practiced and improved.
Why get a Running Gait Analysis?
  • You have a running injury or soreness and want to discover the cause.
  • You would like to learn to run faster and with less effort.
  • You would like to avoid injuries in the future.
  • You would like to determine the best strength and mobility exercises for you.
How Does It Work?

A Biomechanical Gait Analysis involves running on a treadmill at several speeds for about 10-15 minutes. Video will be taken from the back, side, and front.Once we have thoroughly evaluated your running form with you, we will provide you with a report and make recommendations based on your individual needs and goals. You can opt for a comprehensive strength and gait retraining program, a few simple gait drills, or anything in between.

Please bring all the running shoes that you are currently wearing, wear shorts/capris and be ready to run!

Improve Your Running
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